Why couldn’t I relocate myself?
Why couldn’t I relocate myself? Change Ajay Pandey

Why couldn’t I relocate myself?

What is Change?

What comes in your mind when you listen to the phrase “Change yourself !”. Whatever comes in the mind I am sure about one thing that fear is associated with. Fear of being judged, fear of losing something, fear of getting into a difficult situation. The biggest hurdle in the path of change is procrastinating. We begin to procrastinate about the fears that are associated with the given change. This is the major reason why we could not change ourselves or our behavior. 

Change is difficult for everyone. Relocation is even harder. Relocation of thoughts and relocation of our situation. There is no doubt that we are the ones who is responsible for our situation. We could not relocate our thoughts in a better way. The reason is procrastination. It is good to think about the outcomes but the problem is we begin to think about the negative aspects of the change not the outcomes that will make us better. We begin to associate it with either ours or other negative results of change. I got certain ideas on how to change after going through stages of change by James O. Prochaska. In an article titled “Why Is Change So Hard?” stages of change are explained in detail. Here is the story of why I am writing about it : 

Story Behind

While going through pictures of Glocal Teen Hero 2018 far west activation. After 4 hours of interacting, talking with students at the temperature above 40’C in Nepalgunj. The heat was not bearable because only a few hours ago I landed from Kathmandu and there was very little time for adjustment.  I was exhausted and I didn’t realize it because I love interacting with youths, listening to their achievements, and good works they are doing in their society. So, I was not aware of the heat. But my situation was clear on my face which I realized after looking at photographs. After Nepalgunj I moved towards Birendranagar. After about 60KM I got a chill environment and cool air which gave me a heavenly feeling. With the change in temperature. one curiosity struck my mind regarding the change. If it makes us feel better just after relocating the place why is not everyone doing so? I was not thinking about the geographical location. I was thinking about the relocation of our behaviors and thoughts. Why couldn’t I relocate myself? There were plenty of reasons full of procrastination. There are dozens of areas where I want to but I am so much chained by my fear that I am still not able to relocate myself. Although I relocated to a few of my behaviors and thought processes, I am still not able to relocate and I am aware of the reasons. The reasons are my perspective and fear. Now I think if I am able to relocate on all of them there will be even more areas where I have to again relocate myself and this process will go forever but one thing is sure that we have the options either to relocate ourselves to feel better or adjust. Only we will decide in our life if we are born to hustle or settle. 

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