Changes at Glocal due to lockdown
Changes at Glocal due to lockdown Ajay Pandey

Changes at Glocal due to lockdown

Right after the outbreak of COVID 19 the way of working, communicating got a bit changed. We used to talk regarding work in the workplace. That has shifted as work from home due to this pandemic situation. We begin brainstorming on how we can make things go on smoothly. Glocal is not just a company for the team members, we work professionally making things fun and we were worried if the fun part is going to be missed and work might get boring. 

Change in Way of Working

We have a rule of playing games at the office before meetings which get switched to online games; the regular meetings get switched to virtual meetings. Office parties transformed as virtual parties. We are trying our best so that we don’t get issues and people can get updated to the new virtual working environment. 

Change in Way of Communication

Looking at the situation it is hard to cope up with the new environment. So, to make things better proper communication is necessary. Not only for getting work done but also for making people emotionally stable. We started having discussions apart from work and sharing things. As we say everyone in team glocal is Intrapreneur so everyone brainstorms and brings new ideas. Looking towards the works, it’s functioning, supervising each other and making sure of everyone’s situation is our first priority. 

Change in the way of creating Impact

We have focused on creating an impact especially in the sector of skill development. We shifted to online training for skill development. People from different backgrounds and different ages participated in various courses we launched. With the aim to gain new soft skills and enhance their abilities people from class 9 to masters and professional writers, journalists, film makers, entrepreneurs among others joined the sessions. 

We started live sessions with leaders so that youths can know their perspectives and learn from it. We had people joining our sessions from all over the country and countries like Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Srilanka. All of these were with a single message that “ We Will Revive” no matter what the situation is. 

We started competitions like an online quiz on the name of Knowledge Maestro with the motive to make people get engaged in some intellectual activities being bored in their own houses doing nothing. We completed the three editions in which participants not only tested their knowledge but also won prize money of Rupees 110k combined and scholarship worth 6 lakh rupees.

Changes Glocal due lockdown Ajay Pandey

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