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How Glocal changed my life?

Glocal is not just a company which I work for; it’s a feeling of responsibility and family to me. I have had great hunger for learning new skills from childhood. I never missed an opportunity which could enhance my skills. I never thought I would...

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Reasons why companies hire consultant Ajay pandey Nepal

Reasons why companies hire consultant

Consultants are the people who have been working and proven expertise in a sector. They are the one who works with different companies to identify and solve the problem creating a better environment for the growth of the company. Identifying...

अबकी चुनाव मे !!

अजमाइहैं सब आपन आपन हथकण्डा ,अबकी चुनाव मे चली फिरसे लाठी और डंडा , अबकी चुनाव मे केहू खरिदी वोट तो केहू देखाई धौस , जाने केतना पुजैहैं पंडित और पंडा,अबकी चुनाव मे जेव रही खाली लेकिन लडैक है चुनाव, लुटिहैं फिरसे नाम लैकै चन्दा, अबकी चुनाव मे केहू...

Happy Valentines Day

She was flying Flying on the notes of harp Her tangled hair resembles The wave of the sound The curl that was never ending Her smile left a print on heart The print which was permanent How could I not get distracted? Her every word was poetry This...

the pain of love - Ajay Pandey Nepal

The Pain of love

Sailing with a hope The hope which had no idea die The blue sea till the eye reach In the middle with no sign of a beach Sailing towards horizon alone Nothing to worry a long way is gone He knew there is a place Where everyone gets solace A place...

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