• Zomato brand analysis Ajay Pandey nepal Brand consultant

    Zomato Crisis- will it affect its branding?

    December 12, 2018 Ajay Pandey

    Zomato, an Indian restaurant search and discovery service is recently going through a crisis. As a video went viral which showed a delivery man wearing a red Zomato t-shirt pulling out a food box from his bag, taking a couple of bites and resealing it before leaving for his delivery location. The internet went crazy…

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  • Bikram Sambat in Nepal

    March 31, 2018 Ajay Pandey

    Many of my friends asked me why my birthday is 2053 and how is that possible. I simply told them that the calendar we follow in Nepal is Bikram Sambat which is 56 years ahead of the  Gregorian calendar. So I thought of writing about it. Bikram sambat is a solar calendar which was started…

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  • surrendering for love- Ajay Pandey Nepal

    Surrendering for Love | Ajay Pandey

    October 6, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    The mystical words surrender carries a huge emotional charge. We only understand that surrender as an act of stopping resistance and we forget about that it also means to submit ourselves to their authority. That means we rely totally on their decisions. Which has talked a lot if we say about divinity or spirituality?  Surrender…

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  • Guffing with Ajay | Team Mr. Troll Bahadur

    July 2, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    A podcast to celebrate weekend while covering issues that matters to youth. Join us every weekend for a lot of infotainment . This is podcast with three admins of troll page Mr. Trollbahadur on how admin of troll pages posts and entrains us.

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  • मुक्तक १

    April 2, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    छन होला रे तिम्रै लागि मायाका गीत गाउनेहरु पर्खी त्यो पल तिम्रो सामु ति गीत सुनाउनेहरु तर प्रिये माया र​ङ्गिन श​ब्द​मा हैन​ भाव​मा खोज, लाखौं छन् यहाँ शब्द बेची वासनाको जालमा फसाउनेहरु !!

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