Top 8 growing tech Business idea in Nepal

Top 8 growing tech Business idea in Nepal

Nepali is a growing economy. Nepal, a young country with a median age of 24.6 years (Worldometers), is rated 135th out of 190 economies in the World Bank’s ‘Starting a Business’ index, which tracks small and medium businesses throughout the world. To put it another way, Nepal is not a particularly business-friendly country. Still, there are amazing possibilities and there are businesses growing. Young entrepreneurs have continued to come up with creative company concepts in recent years. Hundreds of companies have sprung up in the country in recent years, some of which have received international attention and investment. Despite the dominance of a few big sectors in Nepal, small and medium businesses have arisen, generating jobs, contributing to the economy, and offering a diverse range of items at reasonable costs to customers. Here are top 8 growing tech business ideas in Nepal.

  1. Ed Tech
  2. Ecommerce
  3. Drop-shipping
  4. Cybersecurity Consulting and Maintenance
  5. Digital Products
  6. Fintech
  7. Search engine optimization consulting
  8. Social Media Consulting

Ed Tech

When it comes to technology, utilize your skills to assist others and make money. Having an internet presence has become a requirement for all departments. It is essential for every employee to have a working understanding of technology. Other students are searching for guidance online, as education technology is becoming more popular. Sell your course on services like Udemy to get started. Possessing a website and a mobile app later on in your career might prove to be the greatest move.

Ed techs are growing in Nepal. Glocal After School has been working on tech since 2017. There is other multiple businesses in this domain. Apart from there people are earning from youtube by creating learning content.


While e-commerce has been around for a while, it has the potential to develop in the future. Your own e-commerce business may be launched from the comfort of your own home if you have a unique concept for an e-commerce store You don’t have a certain product in mind? Dropshipping, on the other hand, allows you to establish an e-commerce firm without having to worry about warehousing and shipping. To gain a larger portion of the market, you may want to consider creating your own e-commerce platform. Just bear in mind that giants like Shopify and Amazon already dominate the e-commerce platform industry.

We have great examples in this domain. Sastodeal is one of the Nepali eCommerce businesses that started from Nepal and received great funding from Dolma Impact recently.


Dropshipping is a popular and lucrative business model in the tech industry. Let’s first define what a dropshipping business is before diving into the specifics. Dropshipping is a way of completing orders that relies on third-party vendors. Stock management and order fulfillment are now handled by the business. They sell it and then pass it on to an outside supplier, who subsequently ships out the product to the client. A dropshipping company requires you to act as an intermediary. It appears to be a simple way to generate money because others seem to be able to get clients. It is certain, however, that you will need to assemble a team to ensure that all orders are delivered on schedule and in full.

There are many individuals who are earning in more than 1-10 lakh Nepali rupee just by doing dropshipping to USA.

Cybersecurity Consulting and Maintenance

Despite the fact that the internet is available 24 hours a day, cyber risks are still a major concern, even for large corporations. In order to prevent data breaches in the future, companies like Facebook are always striving to improve. Many small firms, on the other hand, cannot afford to hire security professionals.

Be their IT helpers. What a fantastic way to get started. If you want to notify others about your services, you need a website or a portfolio. Make it easy for potential agencies to find you and contact you. Your cybersecurity consulting and maintenance firm is ready to roll.

Companies like Eminence Ways are shaping the country and business field by introducing new ways in Cybersecurity.

Digital Products

Selling digital items may be the perfect side hustle for someone who already works full time or runs a business. Just one-time effort is required! As long as you have experience designing logos, generating logos, website designs, and social media post designs, this is a good tech business concept for you. This is a great way to make money. Using social media or a website, you may sell directly to your consumers.

There are many youths and companies which are selling their products on digital platforms like envato.


To facilitate commercial transactions in Nepal, the majority of individuals rely on online payment solutions for their convenience. As a result, the use of mobile wallets is on the rise, as nearly everyone has a smartphone. For those who are well-capitalized and have access to skilled programmers and coders, starting a mobile wallet payment solution firm may be an option. Entrepreneurs in today’s world have an abundance of money-making options because of technological advancements. In addition to being a great source of information, the internet is also full of business ideas.

Esewa, Khalti and IMEpay are the biggest names in the sector of fintech. We all remember them

Search engine optimization consulting

Many businesses’ marketing tactics still rely on Google. In Google Search, they must be able to appear at the top of the list for relevant terms. As a result, they require the assistance of an SEO expert. As a result, some companies engage in-house SEO specialists while others use freelancers or third-party firms to implement their SEO strategies. A business supplying SEO services to other businesses is possible if you can learn SEO and stay up with its ever-changing trends and trends that are always changing.

A career as an SEO professional is one of the greatest tech business ideas to start a business in India and one of the easiest. It’s possible to help numerous web publications optimize their SEO material when you operate a company as an SEO professional.

Social Media Consulting

As a strong marketing tool, social networking is also a wonderful business concept. The social media consultancy company is great for you if you’re an expert in social media and enjoy helping people build their own social media presence. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of social media consulting before you start. As a social media marketer, you may work with businesses to create likes, shares, retweets, follows, comments, clicks, and more. Consult with firms and assist them in managing their social accounts, distributing material on the web, and building their brand. Furthermore, starting a business as a social media marketer is quite inexpensive and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Simply brush up on your social media abilities and stay abreast of the newest trends.


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