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Almost lost because of humanity_Ajay Pandey

Almost lost because of humanity

I remember my childhood without the internet, electricity, and smartphone. We had few resources to enjoy and we were happier than kids today. From playing hide & seek to chungi everything was fun. One of the things that I personally enjoyed was...

Benefits Living Relationships Expository Essay

Benefits of Living in Relationships

According to the 2000 Census, about 1.2 million persons over age 50 are currently cohabiting (Brown, Bulanda, & Lee, 2005). There are serious advantages to living together that is why people are attracted to it (Kramer, 2019). The reasons why...

How Glocal changed my life?

Glocal is not just a company which I work for; it’s a feeling of responsibility and family to me. I have had great hunger for learning new skills from childhood. I never missed an opportunity which could enhance my skills. I never thought I would...

Ajay Pandey