• Thousand feelings of love | Ajay Pandey

    Thousand feelings of love

    January 6, 2018 Ajay Pandey

    From a spirit beyond recognition I got connected to them They tell me thousands of stories In their own language I may be either so dumb Or Far away from them Every time they are ready for me To tell a different story I knew from the first time I met them these are the…

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  • the sun of darkness | Ajay Pandey Nepal

    The sun of darkness

    December 27, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    By borrowing lights from you I know why sun is so bright I just came to know why the sun is so interested to make me awake why it is asking me to throw the blanket of fake why is it still asking me to be myself and shine as you do I tried so…

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  • lets go far away | Ajay Pandey Nepal Love, Peace,World, Ajay, Pandey,

    Let’s go far away from this world 

    December 20, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    Let’s go far away from this world Holding fingers of roads Which we never traveled before Which are ready to be explored Where there is no misery  Neither there is happiness Let’s go there Holding ourselves tight Where no one wins Where no one loses Where no one thinks about you Neither anyone to care…

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  • on the path of love | Ajay Pandey

    On The path of Love

    November 26, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    Wondering about you is what I have done for the whole year, There is only one thing that my heart fears. What would I do when I would be unable to care. You are the mystery about you That I would know. Your curves are the path of us That I would love to go.…

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  • uth pyare chal jaag uth- ajay pandey

    उठ प्यारे चल जाग उठ

    October 31, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    उठ प्यारे चल जाग उठ क्यों बिचारण में है तू अमुख जिसको तु समझें है सुख वो तो है केवल मीठा दुःख बन मधुमख्खी सा कर्म प्रमुख क्यों स्वप्न में सदैब खोया रहेता जीवनके मीठे झूठको सहेता बन शून्य क्यों तु शून्य में डूबा भिक्छुक तु ही तो है जो चीरे भूख बन हथौड़ा तू…

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  • The Second Encounter of Love | Ajay Pandey

    The Second Encounter of Love

    October 20, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    Read the first Part How I met her? – The Begining   It is well said we cannot get anything before time. It was proved after exactly 15 days of the day I saw her. I was crossing the road in New Baneshor and a girl went by pushing me. I was almost ready to…

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  • “कुटिया कै लक्ष्मी पुजा ( अवधी ) । अजय पाण्डेय” is locked कुटिया कै लक्ष्मी पुजा ( अवधी ) । अजय पाण्डेय ( Ajay Pandey Nepal)

    कुटिया कै लक्ष्मी पुजा ( अवधी ) । अजय पाण्डेय

    October 19, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    सबकेहू लक्ष्मी माई कै अगुवानी मे लगा है | हर गवाँ चौराहा पे माई कै मुर्ति खुब सजा है | होइ सबकुछ मंगल अव सुख कय होइंहै बौछार सब कै हृदय मे इहय  अभिलास आव विश्वास भरा है । हमरी कुरियामा कै ज्योति चलगई उंची महलनमा कैसै कहीं हम्मै तो खेते कै चिन्ता बहुत पडा है…

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  • surrendering for love- Ajay Pandey Nepal

    Surrendering for Love | Ajay Pandey

    October 6, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    The mystical words surrender carries a huge emotional charge. We only understand that surrender as an act of stopping resistance and we forget about that it also means to submit ourselves to their authority. That means we rely totally on their decisions. Which has talked a lot if we say about divinity or spirituality?  Surrender…

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  • How i Met her | Ajay Pandey

    How I met her? – The Begining

    September 25, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    How can I forget that rain? I was in hurry for company enlistment (Anusuchi Darta) . I was heading towards Pulchowk after crossing Kupandole. I saw her for the first time. It was like I was struck by lightning. In that heavy rain, she was trying to hold her umbrella by one hand and adjusting…

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  • Guffing with Ajay | Diplove Gautam & Asish Katwal on psychology

    July 23, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    A podcast by Ajay Pandey to celebrate weekend while covering issues that matters to youth. Join us every weekend for a lot of infotainment . This podcast is with two amazing youths who have been working to explore more about psychology in the quest of making people emotionally healthy. Here they have talked on many…

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