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Teenspire - Talking with Inspiring teens

Teenspire – Talking with Inspiring teens

From June 14, Teenspire sessions begun with the motive of talking with amazing teenagers who are also Glocal Teen Hero Alumni. In this blog, I will be sharing key points that I remember in the duration of the last 8 months. These Teenagers were from...

Changes at Glocal due to lockdown Ajay Pandey

Changes at Glocal due to lockdown

Right after the outbreak of COVID 19 the way of working, communicating got a bit changed. We used to talk regarding work in the workplace. That has shifted as work from home due to this pandemic situation. We begin brainstorming on how we can make...

Kapilvastu region and Buddhism is not only about Lumbini. Forgotten Buddhaland Kapilvastu, Tilaurakot, Sagarahawa, Buddhism, Ajay Pandey ,Nepal

Forgotten Buddhaland

I recall a conversation about my grandma and my father from childhood. One day my grandma was cleaning her old suitcase and found old coins that she had for a long period of time and she was going to throw them away because she thought they had no...

Almost lost because of humanity_Ajay Pandey

Almost lost because of humanity

I remember my childhood without the internet, electricity, and smartphone. We had few resources to enjoy and we were happier than kids today. From playing hide & seek to chungi everything was fun. One of the things that I personally enjoyed was...

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