• 10 Management lessons Ramayana author ajay kumar pandey Nepal

    10 Management lessons from Ramayana

    February 12, 2018 Ajay Pandey

    The Sanskrit literary ” Ramayana” which is a very important part of the life of almost every Hindu. I grew up watching movies based on that. That not only kept me to focused on certain principles but also gave many valuable lessons which I still follow and admire. People have their own analysis and gaining from…

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  • अप्प दीपो भव: – Be the light of your life yourself

    April 13, 2017 Ajay Pandey

    अप्प दीपो भव: – Be the light of your life yourself. Till when you will depend on the candle given by others for light. That light which can go off with a simple interaction with wind. whereas you yourself contain the light which can make the sun feel dim. SO stop seeking for the light…

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