Which Test Should You Take? IELTS Academic or PTE Academic?
If you are in a dilemma, which test should you take? IELTS Academic or PTE Academic? And need expert guidance then this post is just the right thing for you. Ajay Pandey Nepal

Which Test Should You Take? IELTS Academic or PTE Academic?

For a non-native speaker, choosing between IELTS Academic or PTE Academic is always a tough choice to make as these two are globally recognized

English proficiency exams and a key to turning dreams into reality. Also, they both look more or less very much similar to each other and suffice the same purposes. So, it’s quite natural to face the dilemma of picking only one. Well, if you’re also at this crossroad and need expert guidance then this post is just the right thing for you.

Understanding the Basics

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is a world-famous English proficiency test that is taken up by more than 3 million people every year. More than 10,000 institutes and 140 governments use this exam to assess the credibility of a non-native speaker.

Across the globe, three bodies manage this exam: British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment, and the IDP Education in Australia.

It’s available in two variants; IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. The first is the help of securing admission to a global university while the second option is used for PR and immigration purposes. Mostly, it’s taken up by people who want to settle or study in countries like Canada and the US.

PTE is the Pearson Test of English (PTE) and is used for the same purpose. Launched in 2009, this exam is endorsed by GMAC. The score is accepted by more than 6,000 organizations globally. The exam is offered in three categories. The first one is PTE Academic helping candidates to grab a global university.

The second one is PTE general which helps in immigration and the last one is PTE Young Learners that is designed for kids willing to continue their schooling in a native-speaking country. Its main significance is in Australia and New Zealand.

Verdict – Take IELTS if your dream destinations are Canada and the US while PTE is the right choice to make when New Zealand and Australia are the places to explore.

The Exam Mode

IELTS exam can be taken up in both online and paper-based format. In both these formats, only the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections will be accessed. For the Speaking section, test-takers have to appear in front of a trained examiner. This can be a little nerve-wracking for a few. Result announcement takes time in the paper-based format.

PTE is an online exam. All four sections will be conducted online only. This is why the results announcement is a little faster and there are zero possibilities for human error. You will be awarded a score as per your credibility. There is no biasness.

Verdict- If you need proof of your English proficiency urgently then PTE is preferred without making any assessment goof-ups. This exam will help you prove English excellence quickly.

Exam Difficulty

Both the exams feature four sections; Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. The question type is also the same. But, there is a major difference in the exam difficulty level. IELTS is about grammar, vocabulary, and usage of punctuation and other grammar rules.

Also, the Writing section is indeed a tough nut to crack in the paper-based format writing the said words in a limited time needs a lot of practice. Also, one has to care about punctuations and spellings a little more in the paper-based IELTS exam as each individual has different handwriting and the examiner may have a tough time making sense out of certain letters. It harms the scoring.

It figures out how strong a hold an aspirant has over English. So, one has to burn the midnight oil to clear the basics.

PTE is more about a candidate’s ability to communicate English and survive in the English-speaking world. So, it’s relatively easy.

Verdict – If you haven’t studied English as a medium since the beginning of your education then PTE is a wise move to make. Those who have already gained enough exposure in English and are using it regularly can take up IELTS. However, that doesn’t mean that a beginner can’t beat IELTS. She/he can. All one needs is commitment, hard work, IELTS practice test.

With the help of online IELTS practice tests, a candidate can get familiar with the actual exam format, check the exam readiness beforehand, and take remedial steps beforehand.

Even if the PTE exam is relatively easy, taking the help of PTE practice tests ensures success. With IELTS and PTE mock tests, anyone can boost up confidence, deal with exam anxiety, and improve the final performance. So, no matter which exam you choose to excel, make sure you’re using the relevant practice tests,

The Final Say

IELTS and PTE, both these exams have proved their viability to provide global exposure to any non-native speaker. Using these two exams, it’s easy to prove your hold over English even if you don’t belong to a native world. Decide your goals, have a better understanding of these two exams, and then find out which one aligns the most with your goals. Make a choice, put in your efforts, use free online IELTS/PTE practice exams, and start your success journey.

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