What is king’s College BSIT Program and why do I recommend it?
What is King’s College BSIT Program and why do I recommend it? -01

What is king’s College BSIT Program and why do I recommend it?

There was a time when I had no interest or belief in the Nepali education system. It was majorly because I had no interest in to going college just for the sake of a degree. I did not want to be a parrot or a memory machine. I got a decent job as a Brand and IT, manager at Glocal Private Limited. I was happy with the pace I was going in life. However, one major thing that was lacking was an education degree. Although it didn’t affect much of my professional life. But I lost few great opportunities because I didn’t have a bachelor’s degree or any degree after my +2.

How did I get attracted to King’s College?

Since Glocal was also working with King’s College and I had seen the amazing skill-oriented ECA being held at King’s. Even more, many entrepreneurs and professionals who were active in my circle were either studying or studying at king’s college. I was already impressed with that. Also, Asish dae was insisting me to join a college. After talking with the previous alumnus of the college and going through the BBA program structure and options that were provided. I was sure I will be joining King’s College.

What is King’s College BSIT Program? 

King’s College BSIT program is a 4-year, 120-credit program that is internationally affiliated and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal. I think it is one of the best options for the person who is interested in the technology sector and wants to explore the sector of IT.

I would suggest having pre-identified goals before doing admission. Even if you don’t have that it is not a big issue. Because inside the program one can select what the person wants to focus in the future. The BSIT program has :

BSIT Data Science

This is program is suitable for you if you have aspirations to become Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, Project Manager, System Analyst and so on.

BSIT Software and Web Application Development

This program is best if you want to become UI/UX Designer, Applications Developers, Computer Applications Developers, Web Application Developers, Computer Systems/Software Architects, Database Developers, Enterprise Systems Developer, or so on.

BSIT Mobile App Development

This program is best for you if you want to become an expert in developing mobile apps in IOS or android. Since the market has a huge demand for it. And the sector of mobile app development is expanding it is also one of the considerable options.

BSIT Network, Cybersecurity, and Ethical Hacking

The sector or network and cybersecurity is ever-growing. We see regularly how Nepali youths are scoring thousands of dollars in bug bounty. So if you aspire to understand Network management, Network Security, Systems administration, and things like that.

At last one thing what I would say is if you have wanted to study Information technology. Studying at King’s is one of the best options. Two reasons why I am recommending that. One is that I am studying there and I am 100% satisfied with the learning that I am getting. To date, I have not encountered a single topic or subject that is not useful in my life. Second is the amazing faculty you will get learn from.

To Know more about it visit : https://www.kingscollege.edu.np/bsit-programs/

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