Teenspire – Talking with Inspiring teens
Teenspire - Talking with Inspiring teens

Teenspire – Talking with Inspiring teens

From June 14, Teenspire sessions begun with the motive of talking with amazing teenagers who are also Glocal Teen Hero Alumni. In this blog, I will be sharing key points that I remember in the duration of the last 8 months. These Teenagers were from different parts of the country along with few outstanding teenagers from India and Sri Lanka as well. Each episode of teenspire was an energy booster for me. Talking with them and listening to their story was amazing.

I talked with Lov Panthi ( a young scientist from Butwal), Vaibhav Natta (a young entrepreneur from Biratnagar), Prashansha K.C ( amazing social activist and YouTuber from Rukum), Kaushal Gohil ( a young social activist from Gujrat, India ), Azmayeen Akmal ( a young entrepreneur and innovator from Bangladesh ), Prajesh Khanal ( a young environment activist from Jhapa), Special episode on covering all Glocal Teen Heroes till last year, Top 6 Finalist of 2019, Menuri Sachintha Kodikara ( inspiring young chess champion and social activist from Sri Lanka), Anil Pradhan ( a young innovator from Jhapa), Deepshika Ghimire ( a young writer from Kathmandu ), Vivaan Kabir ( a youth activist from Mumbai, India), Mandira Shrestha ( a young health activist from Ramechhap).

Below are the main points said by those teenagers:

“To do something or to start something you need to have a passion first and most important continuity is the main key to success.” -Lov Panthi

“People in life wait to get, set, and then go. I firmly believe, no matter how naive, you must GO, you have the whole life to get set and get better. – Vaibhav Nahata

“To gain success in your life, do not ever consider what your age is. You can excel even at an early age and can initiate something big. If you are willing and passionate enough, you will definitely succeed.”– Kaushal Gohil

“As a teen you need to overcome all the challenges you face, you need to meet more people, like-minded teens, and make networks with them. And together as a teen, you can seek help and help others to initiate any ideas that you have.” – Azmayeen Akmal

“Firstly, having a proper network is the most important thing. If any youth or teenagers plans on doing something big, you need to work on it by breaking it into small parts. Secondly, assembling those broken parts and connecting them together by communicating with like-minded people, taking ideas from them, and making a network on top of that is one of the ways in turning your idea into a project.” -Prajesh Khanal

“To all the Teens, you should not take anything for granted; the time, your studies and your drive for a change. Sometimes you will not even have the pushing force and you will not know for sure from where to start or you start doubting yourself, but that should not happen even if you start small. You will continue to become better eventually. You should never think that you cannot achieve your goals and should never compare your goals to everyone else’s.” –Prashansha K.C.

Whenever you are in trouble, you need to think that you are privileged enough that you are getting food to eat and a place to stay. You should never let any sad moment in life last longer.” –Shantosh Lamichhane

Do not feel inferior about yourself because when you let yourself down, you will not have a push to do things. So if you are confident about yourself, you can do it.” –Sachin Dangi

“You should study in the field you really want to pursue and if you face any setbacks in life, then you should never stop continuing whatever you want to do.” –Samir Phuyal

If you are trying to do something and are encouraged and inspired by someone to do that, then the only thing missing between you and that inspiration is action. So you have to act the moment you are inspired and never quit what you are doing because quitting is never an option.” –Bipana Sharma

“It’s about dedication, priorities, and understanding what is important to you that helps you manage your time.” –Supriya Maharjan Sapkota

“Even if you do not win, you will be motivated to do good and you will be motivating others as well to do the same. So it is better to apply.” –Bikram Parajuli

“To manage time, for me, self-discipline is most important, and having a passion for whatever I do also helps me in time management.” –Bidhi Mandal

“Do whatever needs to be done, so that you can be everything you want to become. Always remember that you’re awesome and there’s no in this world like you. Never ever let anyone make you believe otherwise.” – Mandira Shrestha

Hoping to talk with more teenagers in future.

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