Love from Indonesia
Love from Indonesia- Ajay Pandey

Love from Indonesia

Every human being needs love and the feeling when a person whom you met for few hours keep even single details about you in memory makes so special. I wanted to keep it up to me but she was the one who asked me to share on my blog. So below is as it is what I call love from Indonesia

Dear Ky, the one with warm smile.
You’re the frozen heart with burning brain filled within one guy. There’s no warmth
between your coldness and hotness. Such a hotheaded guy with blizzard heart has captured
the eyes of those who crave for knowledge and experiences of yours, including me (in the
end, lol).
The guy who’s so damn ambitious with his vision towards the world, who’s curious about
every-single-thing which attracts him, will focus on those things while forgetting his
surroundings. He doesn’t need any approval from others for his decisions and acts so
damn tough in front of others. But deep down inside, he needs a little reward of
acknowledgement from those whom he thinks important for him. It’s just because of his
pride; he doesn’t want to admit it.
Pretending not to care about what other think, he acts like he has cold hearts and pretty
chill with everything. But once a thing doesn’t go on his way, he goes on rampage. He’s
pretty sensitive inside, but acting tough (well, he physically looks so tough). He’s a
thinker. I do admit it. Yet, he over-analyzes and over-thinks about every.single.thing.
Because of his thinking habit, sometimes people may misunderstand him he’s heartless
and ignorance.
I hope, in the end of the day, there will be always people who can soothe him after his
long tiring day. With those who are able to join in his mind-blowing discussion because of
his amazing ideas.
From the one who always plays with your innocent feelings (lol)
PS: I’ve admired you since the first time we met. I just need to be clear about this so that
you know; I’m your big fan up till now. Be awesome, inspiring, and, shining as always,
Ky 

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