How I met her? – The Begining
How i Met her | Ajay Pandey

How I met her? – The Begining

How can I forget that rain? I was in hurry for company enlistment (Anusuchi Darta) . I was heading towards Pulchowk after crossing Kupandole. I saw her for the first time. It was like I was struck by lightning. In that heavy rain, she was trying to hold her umbrella by one hand and adjusting her hair with another. Those curly hairs were the first sign. I might get trapped so badly.  Green bangles in the hand and design of mehndi were so clear. Those big Newari eyes and that black liner. I was unaware how sudden they became a magnet and was attracting me towards them. It felt like I could spend my whole life just discovering the mysteries hidden there. Suddenly one big crowd of students rushed into me and disturbed my attention. For the first time in life I had no idea what should I do next. If I could just ask her name and describe how amazing she was. How her expressions were casting thousands of magic spells just like the magic wand. I had no idea if it was the rain or her which was turning me into a poet. I felt as if my story of love is going to break all record of those Romeo and Majnu had once. The only thing stopping me to talk with her was my T-shirt. I was in T-shirt representing my Organization. At any cost, if the situation would have been wrong everything will be messed up. That was a thing I couldn’t risk myself with. The tempo of Langankhel stopped just in front of her. I never had a bad feeling about anyone except that tempo driver who ruined my moment. She stepped into it and went without even noticing me. Even I was in the hurry I couldn’t be late. I had to reach Department of Waste management. Hoping to meet her again sometime. I started to feel if I should start believing in luck and again laughing at my feelings. I rushed toward my destination. Every time I reach near Sajha Petrol Pump. She starts ruling my mind. Well, this is how I met her. To be Continued.

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