an amazing experience at Gyanodaya Public School
n amazing experience at Gyanodaya Public School | Ajay Pandey

an amazing experience at Gyanodaya Public School

When the word community school hits our brain we imagine. Boring teachers, poor infrastructure, mismanagement and less interactive students. Many of the of the schools of my village area are in such conditions may be that is why I get the picture. Even I studied few years in a community school and I have been through that experience. 
Yesterday I had an interaction session with 8,9, and 10 class of a school. When I entered the hall I was shocked. A hall with about 40 chairs with an electric board, an electric podium, 2 extra led screens with AC and fans. I was confused for a while if I entered a corporate meeting hall. Because most of them lack it too.  I was confused for a while on how to use them. Although I have been in Technology field but never used such thing so. I thought ok it will be similar to one the school where schools had computers but students were not allowed to touch them. Again I was proven wrong when a student of class 10 came up and did all set up for me.
While speaking and showing videos all students were so attentive and taking notes. It reminded me of a school in which it took 10 minutes to make students listen to my things while the number was half. Same was with videos. The best part was questions which they were asking. They were confident enough to ask a question without being overconfident to misbehave. That is how students should be.
When I met the principal it gave me another shock because he was nothing like a typical principal of a community school we see. Mr. Natikaji is one of the best school principals I have ever met. He was talking with students so nicely like we do with our friends. Maybe that is why students were in no fear to express what they learned in meanwhile they were respecting him too. These types of schools, Principals, and students show us hope of Nepal moving toward quality education and technology.

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