How Glocal changed my life?

How Glocal changed my life?

Glocal is not just a company which I work for; it’s a feeling of responsibility and family to me. I have had great hunger for learning new skills from childhood. I never missed an opportunity which could enhance my skills. I never thought I would reach in the position where I am today if I did not joined Glocal.

It was 2016 July when I joined Glocal as an intern and was promoted as an IT Manager within 2 months. I had only a few soft skills with no business knowledge and understanding. After I joined Glocal, a new world appeared to me and I start enjoying it. I felt as if I am made to be in this world. I not only polished my skills but also got right platform to explore them. I practiced my technical skills, management skills and leadership skills. I learned the most important thing is respect towards work. I don’t mind doing any kind of work at office.

I got a chance to deliver a speech in the first conference, first international conference, first corporate speech through Glocal. I cannot imagine my life without glocal. Even today when I have my own startup, I still fulfill my duties at Glocal in the same way I used to do before. Not because of any obligation but because this way I am giving back to what I got. No matter what happens I will always have full ownership and responsibility towards Glocal.

Today, when my fellow youth running towards having tag of CEO and entrepreneur without any understanding of market and business with no innovative ideas, I thank Glocal and Asish dai for making me capable to understand what is important for me ( The tag or the impact ). I am not any entrepreneur yet because I have not brought any impact with my startup till now. But I can proudly say I am an intrapreneur and touched the lives of more than 15000 teenagers with my work at Glocal. I don’t say I am perfect manager or leader now but I understand how and what should I decide for me and feel secure because I know there is a family which we support and guide me. Now I understand both responsibilities (as a team leader and a member), it helps me to make the right decision.

Among many learning at Glocal, I understand the true value of work. I invest 12-18 hours daily with my wish on my learning and work and this attitude is developed because of Glocal. I thank Pradeep Ghimire dai for recommending me to join Glocal and Asish dai for constantly guiding and mentoring me (Even though my attitude changes by influence) and everyone who have been part of this beautiful journey of mine.

Happy fifth Anniversary Glocal Family !

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