Almost lost because of humanity
Almost lost because of humanity_Ajay Pandey

Almost lost because of humanity

I remember my childhood without the internet, electricity, and smartphone. We had few resources to enjoy and we were happier than kids today. From playing hide & seek to chungi everything was fun. One of the things that I personally enjoyed was looking at the sky and different formation made by birds. We used to guess the formation and confirm it. My favorite bird was a sparrow. They had nest all over our house and no one used to disturb them because they were not doing any harm.

After a few years change happened I left my nest knowingly for education and build my career in life. And they left their nest because now people care for their phones not the sparrow anymore. As sparrow need emotional connect and less farming. Since the majority of the population left our village agriculture has changed. Now people don’t dry their paddy after cutting in the field. They cut using machines and directly bring home or sell from the field itself and sparrow have nowhere they can ask food for. Our home-styled changed we have all buildings where they have difficulty to make their nest and have to lose it because now their nest is not hidden and when people locate it they destroy thinking it has disturbed our home beauty.

In this painting, I have tried to showcase how humanity is making other species like birds who were so much connected to humans extinct. Humanity is taking over their nest, their food, and their world in overall.

Technology which was supposed to help world development is forcing human-friendly birds to die of hunger and emotional touch. Its no longer that might happen to humans. Technology which was supposed to connect us is disconnecting us from our roots. The basic things that made us human is not present in most of us. If we try to be human and think about other beings who are part of the ecosystem. Then maybe we can make the ecosystem better . let us all contribute to nature.

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