The sun of darkness
the sun of darkness | Ajay Pandey Nepal

The sun of darkness

By borrowing lights from you

I know why sun is so bright

I just came to know why

the sun is so interested to make me awake

why it is asking me to throw the blanket of fake

why is it still asking me to be myself and shine as you do

I tried so hard to reach up to you, Sadly I was Icarus

fell every time I tried still, you are there shining

I melted down. so bad, my heart got vaporized

I wished to be pure enough and was not materialized

Living in the world of wishes, once again I wished

I wished to live in your heart only if I was not banished

a random thought popped up in mind,

Isn’t sun supposed to love everyone equally like the wind

I never knew why was I forbidden from the single ray

Still, it hunts my mind. for loving you haven’t enough I pay

I become sure on one thing, dear love yes you are the sun

The sun of darkness…


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Ajay Pandey