Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

She was flying
Flying on the notes of harp
Her tangled hair resembles
The wave of the sound
The curl that was never ending
Her smile left a print on heart
The print which was permanent
How could I not get distracted?
Her every word was poetry
This time she was not even at stage .
She moved towards him and said
“Happy Valentine’s day”
I was happy watching
knowing my distance.

-Ajay Pandey

Love is not all about getting the person you loved. It is being happy knowing the person you love is happy. It is not necessary that the person whom you love, loves you back. Love is feeling not exchanging feelings.  There is no special day to love or celebrate love. Lovers don’t need a reason to celebrate their love.

I wish everyone Happy Valentine’s Day. May every lover get to be with the person s/he loves. Be happy even if you are not with the person you love/loved because s/he is happy with her loved one.


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Ajay Pandey