The Pain of love
the pain of love - Ajay Pandey Nepal

The Pain of love

Sailing with a hope
The hope which had no idea die
The blue sea till the eye reach
In the middle with no sign of a beach
Sailing towards horizon alone
Nothing to worry a long way is gone

He knew there is a place
Where everyone gets solace
A place where sky with red cheeks
Meets a blue sea would squeaks

The pain that sea was carrying
The mistakes of the whole world
that she was bearing
Not every time you want an opinion
She was lucky to get sky as a companion

Have you seen how romantic sky is,
Every time he meets sea?
I try to understand what does sea say to him.
That makes him blush.

I wonder how we understand
Simple water cycle process
That we don’t care the story it process
Taking all the pain from the sea possess
Every time they met
Punishing the world for not understanding
By making it wet.

-Ajay Pandey

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