Let’s go far away from this world 
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Let’s go far away from this world 

Let’s go far away from this world
Holding fingers of roads
Which we never traveled before
Which are ready to be explored
Where there is no misery 
Neither there is happiness

Let’s go there
Holding ourselves tight
Where no one wins
Where no one loses
Where no one thinks about you
Neither anyone to care

We are the rivers
Not the sea
To stop

What happened
Was meant to happen
What is happening will happen
Destiny has no mistakes for it

Let’s go
To the place meant for us
Where mornings are there to welcome
Where nights are to farewell
Where no one blames you
Neither they praise.

Let’s just forget everything else
To go there, Where there are no boundaries
Where Peace and love are still holding each other
Where humanity still holds the crown
Where lives breathe freedom
Fear and hatred have no existence

Just Let’s go Let’s go far away from this world.

– Ajay Pandey

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