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How i Met her | Ajay Pandey

How I met her? – The Begining

How can I forget that rain? I was in hurry for company enlistment (Anusuchi Darta) . I was heading towards Pulchowk after crossing Kupandole. I saw her for the first time. It was like I was struck by lightning. In that heavy rain, she was trying to...

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Our Love Story of Star Wars

Wondering about you is what I have done for whole year, There is only one thing that my heart fear. What would i do when I would be unable to care . You are mystery and the mystery about you is yet to know Your curves are the path of us That I would...

love-Ajay Pandey

Few Hidden Feelings of love

Preventing to express my feelings stopping me to say, Hiding her identity she lives distantly and faraway. She must know the truth that, My heart seeks only for her It does not expect to understand But this is the truth, making things blur. She...

Guffing with Ajay | Team Mr. Troll Bahadur

A podcast to celebrate weekend while covering issues that matters to youth. Join us every weekend for a lot of infotainment .
This is podcast with three admins of troll page Mr. Trollbahadur on how admin of troll pages posts and entrains us.

मेरा चाँद

कल सबको चाँद नज़र आएगा। मैं भी हुँ इंतजार में कब मेरा चाँद बाहर आएगा । न देखा कभी उसको हकीकत में बस सपनोँ में कई है गुफ्तगू । कब आके घूंघट उठाएगा । मैं भी हुँ इंतजार में कब मेरा चाँद बाहर आएगा । मोतियों की चाहत नहीँ जो उसकी मुस्कुराहटों से गिरती...

Gallivanting Soul

He goes gallivanting every night In the pursuit of happiness No one knows if, He is confused What compels him To do so Is it the desolation Or Feeling of melancholy   Along with his robe His sorrow follows No one knows The reason If, He was...

Ego caught you

Ego caught you You started to promote your bloated self-imagery your cart now runs on the wheels of ignorance and brute savagery you hope to live with your so-called “intellect” totally relying upon it   you told me once this is natural but my...

Ajay Pandey