अप्प दीपो भव: – Be the light of your life yourself

अप्प दीपो भव: – Be the light of your life yourself

अप्प दीपो भव: – Be the light of your life yourself. Till when you will depend on the candle given by others for light. That light which can go off with a simple interaction with wind. whereas you yourself contain the light which can make the sun feel dim. SO stop seeking for the light of change from outside of the world where as you possess the ability to change the world. Here every one of us is Hanuman( हनुमान)  we just need a Jamwant( जामवंत) to make us aware of our abilities. and guess what you can be your own jamwant( जामवंत) also. We keep on seeking bits of advice from everyone whom we meet on our issues and the person starts giving advice as if he have done Ph.D. in that field and we never spend time on self-realization and working on our abilities and capabilities. We spend hours on listening to the talks of people who are or claims to be selling motivation. Those people who say you can be your own inspiration are the real one. You are the real Hero if you are ready to fight on your own. Remember a firefly dares to fight with darkness alone and needs no to inspires and fights whole night with everything present INSIDE.

Once a great person said with me “कहिलेसम्म” TILL WHEN, nobody is going to be with you forever, No one is going to help you every time or be with you every time then who will help you when you are alone. How will you fight that battle of your life? and What is the surety that you will win the battle since you have not fought even single time alone?  So choose the weapon for the battle and sharpen your skills and start practicing and get ready for the battle which can happen any moment of your Life.

P.S. I am no any motivational Speaker, Just sharing my words with you. Happy New Year 2074 to all of you

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