Why I spend more on experiences than in things?
Why I spend more on experiences than in things? Ajay Pandey Nepal

Why I spend more on experiences than in things?

There is a small incident which I remembered and thought of writing about “Why I spend more on experiences than in things? ”

“Ajay isn’t it same t-shirt which you wore last time we met”

This was said by one of my friends when he invited me to speak at his event. My answer was yes it’s the same. He questioned me back why don’t you buy a new one. You are not that poor that you cannot afford one clothes for your self. To that statement, I said to him.I spend money on my happiness. A new t-shirt/shirt/Pant will not make me happy and I will not be satisfied by the money I am spending on it. I would rather spend my money on experiences and things which make me happy.

From the very beginning, one thing was clear to me that I have to focus on things which make my life happy and contribute toward my growth and that was not anything I can buy. I won’t buy a thing until it is a necessity for me.  I would happily invest my money over experiences be it travel, food, or anything as such.

Here are a few reasons why I choose to spend my money over experiences rather than things.

Experiences give me a different perspective

Experiences give a totally different perspective than that we have earlier. May it be about people, places, culture or so on. After my trip to Malaysia where I met amazing people from Pakistan, I had a totally different perspective towards it. It changed totally. I was being fooled by international media and radical thinkers. I never knew Pakistani people can be so loving and friendly and humble.

Experience helps me to discover my purpose

Experiences are the best way to find out purpose and passion. Getting things will never make you happy as much as experience makes. Buying books of Nawaraj Parajuli will not give you that much of happiness as much as getting to listen to his poetry on the first row of his Kabita Concert. Experience not only helps to focus on passion but it also contributes to finding purpose.

While traveling to different places I came to understand no one cares what brand you wear which car you ride or what any other material you possess. People just want to find a reason to connect with you. That is only possible through experience.

On my trip Eastern Nepal I forgot all the things which I bought for myself. The only thing I remember is my stay at Fikkal and the view of mountains I got to see early morning, the breeze which gave me the sensation that I was alive. I would love to spend my money on those experience rather than a t-shirt which says I love Illam.

There are other so many reasons to that these are few of my favorites.


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