Our Love Story of Star Wars

July 18, 2017Ajay Pandey

Wondering about you is
what I have done for whole year,
There is only one thing
that my heart fear.
What would i do when
I would be unable to care .
You are mystery
and the mystery about you is yet to know
Your curves are the path of us
That I would love to go.
From the very begining of the time
I have have been thinking this
What would happen to my sennate
if its senator is lost?
What will happen to this wanna be jedi
If he is not the first ?
What will be the scenario
if he will break the jedi vow?
What will happen to the love
when he show?
What will happen to my soul
when we will separate?
What will happen to you
when my heart will no co-operate?
When will your memories
stop haunting me?

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