Importance of social entrepreneurship in Nepal
Importance of social entrepreneurship in Nepal Ajay Pandey

Importance of social entrepreneurship in Nepal

Even though Nepal has been developing at a great pace in different sectors, people are struggling with many problems in daily life. Nepali community needs a lot of social change in all sectors; education, health, and agriculture among others. The necessity for change demands rises of social entrepreneurs in the country. There are a lot of social workers but they do not have any sustainable business module. The way that can solve Nepal’s most of the problem is social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is all about combining the passion of social change with the business. It is important because it helps businesses to find their own success by contributing to social change.

Who are social entrepreneurs?

Social entrepreneurs are the people with vision who work to solve problems of society as well as work as a catalyst to help society go through change process. They not only tackle problem and solve them but also raise awareness on different issues.They are the ones who bring positive impact in social, economic and environmental sectors in the world.

Need for Social Entrepreneurship

The wave of Social entrepreneurship heightened after Muhammad Yunus, Founder of the Grameen Bank won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Today, his footprints have been followed worldwide thereby, benefitting society and country as a whole. Nepal is also in dire need of social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurs who are willing to act as social changemakers by combining social change with business.

Here are some of the reasons to it:

Creating employment:

Unemployment rate of Nepal is high which is one of the biggest problems of the country. Social entrepreneurship creates employment in two different ways. One is by employing people and another, by making them skillful and independent so that either they can do a  job or start something of their own.

Create change makers:

Nepal is in need of change makers and reformers who can shape country. Social entrepreneurship not only brings change, it also transforms people into a changemaker. It changes the way people think about things. For instance, Best Paani and Smart Paani are two different organizations which are working to change thought of people towards rainwater. They create a larger impact by empowering these change makers to change thought process of masses.

Role module to youths:

Biggest way to change mindset of youths in any nation is to give them enough role models with whom they can relate themselves and aspire. This gives them right direction to move forward. No doubt social entrepreneurs are the biggest source of inspirations to youth.

Create equality in the society:

Even if this is the 21st century, inequality remains a big hurdle in the development of Nepal. Social entrepreneurs focus their solution for the upliftment of living standard of people which is the biggest way to create equality. They work to change mindset of people. For example, Khalisisi is working to change the mindset of people towards recyclers who were ill-treated as Kabadiwala. They are now respected and treated well as Kalisisi Friends. Likewise, Seeing Hands is changing the thoughts of people towards visually impaired persons.

Nepal needs entrepreneurs who are passionate enough to bring positive change in society at any cost. Keeping these needs in mind, the Nepal government and every one of us should start focusing on the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. Without changing our mindset we will not be able to bring sustainable development in the country.

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