50 Reasons Not to Date a Designer
50 Reasons Not Date Designer | Ajay Kumar Pandey author

50 Reasons Not to Date a Designer

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Every human being come with a set of traits both good and bad. Designers are the one who has nothing more than designing traits. The normal human being outside of designing world will never understand. Those traits make them undateable. That is why one should never date a designer.

50 Reasons Not to Date a Designer | Ajay Kumar Pandey Nepal
50 Reasons Not to Date a Designer | Ajay Pandey

Designers are people from totally weird: The species of people whom we call designers are totally weird. The only things which in their mind is designing. They are the worse people to handle. They are amazing people once you take design out of them. That makes them undatable.

are you interested to know why?


Here is a list of 50 reasons not to date  a designer

There are many reasons why not to date a designer. few of them are listed below.

1. They over-analyze anything they see ( Literally anything).


2. Suddenly they will start analyzing whatever comes in front of them.

( and will give lecture on how the design is bad, which font they have used and so on )

3. Whatever they do is a design. These Creative creatures eat design, sleep design, and talk design.


4. All of their time is occupied by design. They don’t have much time to spend with you.


5. They give talks about other designers from the same planet they belong to whom neither the normal people have heard nor they care.

6. Choosing a gift for them is actually impossible. Your gift will be analyzed and your mood will be spoiled.


7. They need to poke their nose in almost everything and turn the moment to exhibit their designing skills.

8. Whatever comes in front of them always has to be perfect.


9. Collecting scrap is a habit of a designer. They think that they would reconstruct something from it, but it never happens.


10. Buying all weird stuff which normal people wouldn’t even understand.


11. They will rib their jeans and doodle on it. You can feel awkward walking around with them at times.


12. A designer can never finish their work, and never finish it on time.


13. A designer consults everyone but never listens to them.


14. They will get up or sleep anytime. They have no schedule to sleep.


15. A designer has his own world and s/he will be lost in it.


16. Don’t bother to gift them a nailcutter. They bite it off.

17. Their mind works wonders only after a puff or a cup of coffee..


18. A creative designer will stare strangely at any design it may be your cloth as if it will come out of it.


19. They hate fonts like comic sans.


20. The designers only drink “BEER” or ” COFFEE” whenever they are thirsty. Water does that exists for them?

22. They have ideas full of ocean.They have inputs in almost every possible thing… Even a girl’s nail art!

23. A designer thinks himself/herself to be an all-rounder that s/he can design anything. Don’t get shocked you get a dress designed by themselves for you.


24. They have an amazing dressing sense but you will never see them dressed well. Sssssh They are lazy.

25. They don’t buy fonts online. Don’t get shocked if you find your named font next morning on the internet.

26. They are so selective about posting pictures online. Everything needs to be perfect before posting.

27. They never Idolize anyone. I tell you never.

28. They will pass comment on hoarding boards even when they are driving.

29. Even at date, they will discuss you work stuff.


30. You should never expect a designer to praise you because they will always have an alternative suggestion for you, which is by default a better one…

31. They always recognize the people of species (  designer ).

32. Chewing on toothpicks ( or anything in the hand) is a great time-pass for them. Save your pen and pencil.

33. Whenever they are free they want to replace water with coffee… They do not like plain water…

34. They develop their own set of principles and get attached to those concepts and designs.

35. Designers will compare themselves with others and tries to prove that they’re better off!

36. Designers are great chefs they can cook   Indo-Thai-Chinese-Spanish in a single item which no chef in this world can.

37. The designers can never answer a simple question straight.

38. They love gradient hair color! make them one.

39. Abnormal! Yes, they are far away from normal!

40. They give weird names to file. Think what will be the name of your kids.

41. They get attached to concepts and designs easily and continues to follow them until they find another.

42. Satisfaction is nowhere close to a designer because their system keeps upgrading so, and you will have no idea. when your wallpaper is changed.

43. They take so much time in the wash room. Don’t get shocked if they take a laptop with them.

44. They sketch in every possible place, even the bulb or table.

45. The designers are great in copying things. They will try to show if the copied design is their.

46. A designer is weak in math as they can only understand letters.

47. They can sit on their couch the whole day waiting for that one idea to click. ( If not forced)

48. Their music taste is so unusual. Close your ears when they are near.

49. Don’t get shocked if they start laughing all of a sudden.

50. Dream the impossible; they dream of a day where nobody will make any changes to their design.

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