Bikram Sambat in Nepal

Bikram Sambat in Nepal

Many of my friends asked me why my birthday is 2053 and how is that possible. I simply told them that the calendar we follow in Nepal is Bikram Sambat which is 56 years ahead of the  Gregorian calendar. So I thought of writing about it.

Bikram sambat is a solar calendar which was started by Indian legend emperor “Vikramaditya” who is often known as an ideal king or emperor in the history. Before that whole Bharat Barsha including practiced Shaka era.

Bikram sambat
Mohar of Gorkhali king Prithvi Narayan Shah dated Shaka era 1685 (AD 1763)

 It is said that he established it after defeating Shakas.

It uses lunar months and solar sidereal year. The new year starts in between mid-April to mid-May.

It is very important part of Hindu culture. The traditional New Year of Vikram Samvat (i.e Baisakh 1st) is one of the many festivals of Nepal, marked by different programs and parties. It is not only celebrated in Nepal but along with that in many states of India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and so on.


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